SEO Friendly Writing Does Not Mean Writing for Search Engines SEO content writing needs a plan of action and strategically different approach to conventional marketing content. SEO friendly content requires research oriented application, contextual referencing, and spontaneous search query language utilization from the first draft. It's not that easy, it is significant, and it might make all the difference to your pages.

In existing era the world of quality search engine optimization depends on the key motto of authentic and good content on the web site. Without superior content on the site concept on search engine optimization is a story. The upcoming lines are going to take you through the journey that will make your perceptive in the field of content writing.

The first and foremost thought in your mind when working on content for your Web pages is that you're writing for people not for search engines. If you have to choose between a technique that is good for your readers but not so good for search engines or vice versa, choose that which is good for your readers. Search engines ultimately want to provide content that is interesting and informative for their customers too, and a page that is too optimized is no fun to read.

Luckily, most of the techniques that make good Web writing make for decent SEO as well.

Write relevant content. Search engines have ways of recognizing when a page is not really about what it might seem to be about. If you're playing games with your content to try and fool search engines, it will eventually be found and you'll lose rank or even be banned. It's much better to write content that is relevant to your topic.