Web Portal differentiates from a normal website in its usability. Web Portals primarily focus on online community building and get users to register and use the services on regular basis. The repeat factors of business are very important while designing and developing a portal for a client. Theme based portals have become very successful as they create a niche and target specific users for that community.

Portals are a sure way of establishing your presence firmly on the web and portals hold the key to success in the knowledge driven economy of today. They are the leading industry tool to bind the power of information to provide their business with the extra edge. Our team develops a customized Content Management System (CMS) as per your requirement which have various interactive tools such as message board, discussion forums, rating tools, blog community, videos and Image gallery etc.

Elves Technology’s Web Portal Development services include:
• Customized application development for a web portal already in place.
• New web portal solutions integrating a great interactive design with a latest technology platform.
• Integrating third party applications such as payment gateways, open source interactive modules etc.
• B2B portal solutions that provide comprehensive web services such as e-commerce application with shopping   cart and e-Marketplace servicing as a business hub.
• B2C portal solutions for a business to reach its target customer base. Provide a single point of contact to the   users to effectively access wide spectrum of useful information, conveniently.