Mr. Umesh Sahai is The Elves Technology founding CEO, and is responsible for the exponential growth of Elves Technology from a startup in 2010 to a global web products company with over 4 businesses, 10+ products, 60+ employees and millions of global customers. Under his leadership, Usatweb Inc (2009) and Maverick Software (2007) have become industry leaders in their respective verticals, and Elves Technology has consistently featured amongst the fastest growing online Promotion Company. He continues to manage the Vision, Mission and Operations of Elves Technology.

He holds a Master's degree in Marketing and has been with the Company for 06 months. He has been recognized as one of the finest professionals in the IT industry. Presently, he heads the Online Promotion and advertising business.

In 1999 – 2001, while he was in college he has been awarded as Young Scientist and new inventer award.

In 2007 he was director for Maverick Software India Pvt Ltd and still give the consultation to various sectors like: Financial Institutions, IT industries, BPO.